Will You Need to Evacuate?

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Emergency Operations Officials will meet at 1 p.m. Monday to decide if they should issue a mandatory evacuation for Bay County. If they do certain people need to be prepared to leave.

There is a map that shows you the five different evacuation zones in Bay County. Emergency Operations Officials say people living in Categories 1, 2, and 3 will likely face a mandatory evacuation, that's the blue and orange shaded areas on the map.

If you want to take a closer look at the map you can log onto www.pcbaygis.com.

Click on interactive map link and you can actually enter your address to find out what category you live in. The News Herald will also have a copy in Monday morning's paper.

After Opal in 1995 there was a lot of problems with people getting back into the county after the storm had come through.

At the time emergency officials did not let anyone return to their homes regardless of whether or not the area they lived in was affected by the storm.

Emergency officials say the re-entry process will run much smoother this time around.

"That certainly is not going to be our method of operation this time. We'll have to access the county to make sure it's safe for people to come back, but then the re-entry process will be on an area-by-area basis, not a global shutdown," says Bay County Emergency Op. Chief Bob Majka.

If you still have questions about the evacuation process you can call the EOC at 784-4000, and we'll keep you updated as to when those evacuations will take place.