Plywood, Please

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Getting ready for Hurricane Ivan isn't always easy and people from Mexico Beach to Cape San Blas are watching the warnings and still getting ready. The western end of Cape San Blas can be cut off from the rest of the peninsula at the "stump hole" where the only thing holding back the Gulf is a pile of rocks.

Most won't stick around because of the vulnerability to the storm. Jill Davis and her husband, Mike, are boarding up their Scallop Cove BP Station on the west end of Cape San Blas before heading off the peninsula.

"We've cut plywood for the doors on the front of the store. We've already boarded up our home. We've helped a few others board up theirs and preparing for the worst and praying for the best."

Dennis Warren's family owns the Cone Heads ice cream shop, which is usually a little busier than it was on Monday.

"Well, pretty much just trying to get everything boarded up and just waiting and watching it."

That is pretty much the trend in Mexico Beach as well. The boards are going up and the people are packing up, everyone anxious to finish preparations.

Amanda Reeve is packing dishes at her restaurant and gift shop, but only has a couple pieces of plywood to board up.

"The wood is kind of in a shortage around here. Everybody was pretty much scrounging yesterday, so we've got a couple of pieces to do the doors and larger windows and we'll just keep our fingers crossed."

Wylie Petty is the general manager at El Governor Motel directly on the water. Petty says they've had several people cancel and they aren't taking any more reservations, but this isn't the busy season either.

"So, it's really not that many cancellations, but we've had a few weddings that we had planned, just waiting to see what happens with the storm."

Everyone is doing just that, waiting to see where Ivan will head and what damage it will bring. Gulf County has mandatory evacuations for people in coastal areas and mobile homes at this time. They have also cancelled school Tuesday through Thursday.