Bay County Shelters

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There are three shelters open in Bay County for people wanting to evacuate.

Bozeman Learning Center and Merritt Brown Middle School are both open for the general public. A reminder, do not bring pets or any other items not allowed in a school such as alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons.

All shelters will provide meals and water but you need to bring bedding, clothes and personal hygiene products such as your toothbrush and deodorant, and remember that once you’re in a shelter, officials ask that you don't leave the shelter until all clear.

Northside Elementary School in Panama City is also open as a special needs shelter only for people who require extra medical attention. They will also provide food and water.

Bob Pearce, the director of the American Red Cross, says people who can take care of themselves on a daily basis should not go to the special needs shelter.

"People who are on an Intravenous, people who require oxygen or breathing treatments. People who need to have medicine administered by a registered nurse. People whose medical condition require they have a higher level of care," says Pearce.

Northside is located off 23rd Street on Northside Drive. The Bozeman Learning Center is located on Highway 77 north of Southport. Merritt Brown Middle School is located off Highway 231 in Panama City.

For more information call the Red Cross at 763-6587.