Fleeing Ivan

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There are already traffic problems on at least one northbound highway as thousands of people evacuate the Panhandle.

Walton County emergency operations officials didn't issue a mandatory evacuation until 3 p.m. Tuesday, but evacuees were already flooding Highway 331 northbound Tuesday morning.

Just an hour east, traffic flowed more easily on Highway 231. Evacuation for many people in Bay County has been effortless.

"We're heading to Jacksonville from Panama City Beach. We own a condo there. They made us evacuate, so that's where we're going. As soon as we can come back we'll be back," says Dan Wieland.

Emergency operations officials are now asking Bay County evacuees to try and avoid 331 by using Highway 79 and 231. They're concerned any more traffic on 331 could hinder evacuation from Walton County.