Owners of Treasure Ship say they won’t rebuild

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Panama City Beach - The fate of a long-time Panama City Beach landmark has been decided. The owners of the popular Treausre Ship restaurant say they will not rebuild.

The Treasure Ship, a huge restaurant built in the shape of a pirate sailing ship, sat for decades at the enterance to the Grand Lagoon. On April 28th, 20210, the popular attraction caught fire, and it has been closed ever since.

The fire caused severe damaged to the outside of the wooden structure, but the damage inside was even more devastating. Much of the restaurant was gutted by flames. Since the fire, owners Lisa and Jimmy Todd had been evaluating the building for the possibility of rebuilding, but Friday Lisa Todd announced the damage has left the building beyond repair, and it will be impossible to restore.

Todd goes on to say that anything less than complete restoration to the ship’s former glory would would be a disservice, and they'll soon begin taking down the structure. Todd say she her husband have not finalized any plans for the Thomas Drive site.

Todd's parents, Bill and Thelma Nomberg began building the Treasure Ship in 1977, opening it the next year. The Nombergs were the only owners and operators during the restaurant’s 32-year history. During that time, the structure survived hurricanes and tornados, but the fire was just too much.

The State Fire Marshal's office determined the fire, which started somewhere amidships near the outside of the structure, was an accident.

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