Ivan Death Toll in Florida Up to 14

The death toll from Hurricane Ivan in northwest Florida continues to climb as rescue workers dig through the debris of homes and trained police dogs search tornado stricken areas.

Six people were killed in Escambia County, the Pensacola area. The Sheriff's Office says two more people are still missing.

Five people were killed Wednesday night when a tornado ripped though an area in Calhoun County. The twister touched down off Highway 69A north of Blountstown. A neighbor of a couple killed when their mobile home was struck, says the trailer is now gone, as if someone had stolen it. The couple's bodies were found in a field across the road where a search dog was working.

Two other people were killed in Bay County, one at Panama City Beach and the other at Sandy Creek at Allenton.

More than a dozen twisters roared through the county damaging at least 200 homes, 70 of them were trailers in Parker.

An eight-year-old girl was killed early Thursday in Milton, about 20 miles northeast of Pensacola, when a tree crashed into her family's mobile home.