It's Back to School in All Area Counties Monday, Except for Okaloosa, Where the Damage Is Too Severe

Florida education officials say they’re being flexible with school districts in hurricane-affected counties when it comes to FCATs and missed school days.

State Education Commissioner John Winn says schools can figure out for themselves the best way to make up missed days, and FCATs don’t have to be given during a specific week.

"You have to test anytime in a three-week window without any significant difference in scoring. So that being the case, it’s not a day-for-day kind of situation where you need to delay FCAT administration for each day that you are out of school."

He went on to say, "But certainly we could have schools delayed for an extended period of time in the Panhandle as we saw in Charlotte, Hardee and Desoto Counties. We are prepared to work with school districts to partner with them in waiving some of the school year requirements, and making up some of those days during the rest of the year."

The commissioner has the authority to excuse schools from having to make up as many as three of the 180 required days upon request from the district.