Red Cross Pulls Out All the Stops for Ivan Victims

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We've seen how the Red Cross responded in the aftermath of Charley and Frances. Their acts of generosity are no different here in the Panhandle.

All it took was 10 seconds for Mother Nature to rip apart Wesley and Kate Howe's dream home in Allanton, Florida.

The Howe's say God will pull them through with a little help from caring people down here on earth. That's where Ann Dauphin steps in.

"We can get a damage report on their home and give them a purchase order for food, clothes, eyeglasses and other supplies," says Ann Dauphin, a Red Cross volunteer.

Dauphin is just one of 50 Red Cross volunteers who are helping those hardest hit by tornadoes spawned by Ivan's wrath.

"It's just people helping people. That's why we're here. These volunteers care about other people," says Dauphin.

Since insurance claims can take months to complete, Dauphin says immediate help is crucial for families like the Howe's.

If you need help, you can call the Red Cross at 763-6587.