Beach House

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After the storm, people came home to the beach inside the Pirate Cove Villas on the west end of Panama City Beach.

Dwayne Coking lives at the Pirate Cove Villas, and he boarded up. Coking says they have just two inches of sand in the living room; the others have about two feet.

"Those people, it took out their entire south wall. The plate glass windows, the sliding glass doors, and put at least one to two feet of sand and water in the units."

But no one's complaining, because after Hurricane Opal there was nothing left to come home to, and again they will rebuild and await the next storm.

"I've talked to every owner in here and I've not heard one owner yet saying they want to sell their units. Everybody's going to rebuild it back up."

Just next door at the Shoreline Villas, the people are digging out the car ports under layers of sand to see what damage is done.

John Haslan lives in the Shoreline Villas and says a shovel is a great tool.

"Well, the big problem is we've got about 15 inches of sand underneath our driveway here and we've got a roof missing on the other side, so we got the roofing guys up making sure the water doesn't come in."

He, too, says the damage is extensive, but better than Opal.

"We bought the place in Thanksgiving and the next October, nothing was here. Well, from number eight up was here and everything below that was gone."

Still, everyone says they plan to stay. Beach front property has its perfect sunsets and great access; they will just continue to deal with hurricanes when they come along.