Two Area Homes Destroyed in Seperate Fires

An early morning fire in Callaway leaves one family without a home Monday morning.

Several units responded to the fire a little before 3 a.m. at 5027 Willow Street. Officials with the Callaway Fire Department say a smoke detector in the home probably saved the family’s lives.

The father heard the alarm and got up to find the living room on fire. He then quickly got his wife and children out of the house.

Investigators say the cause of the fire is still being probed.

Meanwhile, for the second time in five years, a Marianna family watched fire destroy their home.

Mid-morning Sunday, Jennifer Adkins, her two children and her elderly parents woke up to the smell of smoke. Jennifer told Jackson County Fire and Rescue personnel the smoky odor was coming from the area of the mobile home where the water heater is located.

It appears the fire started when the electricity was turned back on to the home after being off since last Wednesday because of Hurricane Ivan.

FEMA is treating the fire as storm-related and has responded to the scene to provide assistance.