Walton County Available Services and Important Notices Following Hurricane Ivan

All Walton County Schools will reopen Wednesday, September 22nd, except for Paxton School. Paxton is closed because of a lack of electric power in that area.

The Walton County Emergency Management Disaster Response Team announced the available services at this time:

The Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief Mission and the American Red Cross will dispense hot meals at the First Baptist Church in DeFuniak Springs. The Church is located at the corner of Live Oak Avenue and 11th Street in DeFuniak Springs. Lunch will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. daily and dinner from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Drive through service is available, or a dining area is provided. Plates can be picked up by family members and friends and delivered to those unable to come by come by the church.

This service will be provided daily until further notice.

The south Walton Distribution Center for MREs, ice and water which has been operating out of the south Walton Governmental Annex parking lot is being moved today to the Tib’s Restaurant parking lot. Tib’s is located at 11610 U.S. Highway 98 West.

This will provide residents living in the area still without power easier access to the distribution center.

There are a limited number of tarps available for Walton County residents with roof damage. They will be available at the following locations beginning at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, September 22, 2004:

Zone One-District Two Road and Bridge Facility, Brown Road, DeFuniak Springs

Zone One-District Three Road and Bridge Facility, 1483 County Highway 1087, DeFuniak Springs

Zone Two-District One Road and Bridge Facility, 3420 McKinnon Bridge Road, DeFuniak Springs

Zone Two-District Four, 161 Montgomery Circle, DeFuniak Springs

Zone Three-District Five 70 South County Road 393, Santa Rosa Beach

A photo identification with a current Walton County address is required for each resident requesting a tarp.

For more information call the Walton County Information line at 892-8392 or 892-8394.

Water, Ice and MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) are available 9:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. each day at:

The Paxton Airport – Serving the Paxton, Darlington, Glendale and Liberty areas

DeFuniak Springs at the old Wal-mart parking lot (Cowboys)

The County Governmental Annex in south Walton

Tri-Village Volunteer Fire Department – serving Choctaw Beach, Villa Tasso and Basin Bayou

Argyle Fire Department – has ice only

No burn permits are being issued in Walton County at this time. Do not burn hurricane debris or trash.

Residents are urged to place yard debris next to the cub for pick up. The Walton County Landfill is waiving dumping fees for storm related debris only. The landfill is located off State Road 83 at 1118 WW II Veterans Lane in DeFuniak Springs.

Spoiled food items should be placed in closed plastic bags and placed in the regular household garbage for pick up. If placed outside in storm debris it will attract wild animals.

All Walton County beaches are closed indefinitely.

Only three local roads are closed in Walton County. Edgewood Circle, the bridge is out but homes can be accessed from either end. Cook Road is closed because a bridged has been washed out. And, on the north end of Frost Lane, the bridges approaches are washed out.