Welcome to the Beach

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Despite some of the beach washing away and some washing into first floor homes, Panama City Beach is almost back to normal. Even the tourists are keeping their reservations, just thankful they're here this week and not last week.

Lee Ann Leonard, the marketing manager for the Paradise Found Resorts and Hotels, says they suffered very little damage.

"You'd hardly even know that a hurricane hit here. Our pool deck was completely covered with sand from the beach, but by Friday it was just business as usual."

Bob Warren, the director of the Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, says they're hoping to help those with plans to vacation in Pensacola reschedule the trips to this beach.

"We have to think, simply because of the damages that have occurred over in Gulf Shores and especially in Pensacola, these people that have had vacation plans for those areas will probably be looking for alternate location."

Tourists and locals headed out on a slightly shorter city pier Tuesday for the first time since it closed before the storm. The T was lost and several railings were destroyed, but city employee Don Tindle says it's open right up to the worst damage.

"Well, we're getting phone calls from people out of state where every year people plan their vacations around this time of the year because the fishing’s good out here on the pier."

The welcome sign is back on for the city of Panama City Beach, hoping to make up for the loss of business between hurricanes.