Twister Closed Popular State Park While Cleanup Continues

St. Andrew State Park is closed for the next couple of weeks while crews clean up from Hurricane Ivan.

The tornado which flattened parts of the North Lagoon area in Panama City Beach first touched down in the state park. (Click the “WJHG Tornado” link on the right side of the home page to view the twister.) While in the park, it cut a path of destruction through the heart of the park's campground.

Some big trees were literally torn in half by the twister, which the first of more than a dozen tornados in a three-county area during the next five hours.

The beaches at the state park are a little flatter and a little browner, but the dunes are still intact.

Crews say it will be at least 10 days before the park is once again open to visitors.

St. Andrew Sate Park is the most used park in the state park system drawing more patrons than any other in Florida.