Highway 20 Repairs Ongoing

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Along Highway 20 near Choctaw Beach you better hurry up and wait. The storm surge from Hurricane Ivan has washed away parts of the road and crews are working around the clock to rebuild the lanes.

“It was a 15-foot vertical drop in the middle of the roadway and we're having to haul material back in here, place it, compact it and try to build a base for the road, put asphalt back on and get traffic over it.”

Cars must now use one lane at a time to cross the stretch of road, which means delays and motorists wondering what's taking so long.

“You could really do it very quickly but I wouldn't guarantee it would last any more than just a couple of days.”

Construction crews say they have 35 days to do what normally takes almost four months and they want motorists to know they're working as fast as they can.

“Just be patient. We've got crews out here working round the clock. There's guys, they've got a camper set down here so they can catch a couple of hours sleep.”

Crews plan to put boulders along the shore to help keep water from washing out the road again. Construction officials say they're having a hard time finding construction materials because of all the hurricane rebuilding projects.