Disaster Unemployment

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Going back to work after Hurricane Ivan is harder for those whose business was destroyed or damaged. Disaster unemployment is available for those who missed more than five days of work or lost their job because of the storm.

While many can be covered by the state's regular unemployment assistance, disaster unemployment offers compensation to those not normally covered.

Kimberly Shoemaker, the executive director of Gulf Coast Workforce Board, says if you think you could be eligible, just call and find out more information.

"It's not just if your place of employment has been destroyed, but if the road that goes to your place of employment was washed out or the road to your home washed out so you couldn't access your employment for a period of time."

If you are self-employed, unable to work because of injury, farmers, ranchers and fishers could be eligible. There are also temporary jobs for those who are displaced doing disaster recovery services.

You must file by October 19 to receive assistance. You can file by phone at 1-800-204-2418 or online at www.fluidnow.com.