Wyland Doin' it Big

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Three years ago, Wyland painted one of the biggest murals in the world on the legendary marina in Destin. Now that the marina has doubled in size, Wyland is back to finish what he started, but last week Hurricane Ivan had other plans.

"I was really nervous; I thought the whole building might be blown away and we'd have to sell it on Ebay or something but was here, the building held up."

Wyland paints whale walls over the world and when he finishes this one, it will be the world's largest painting by one person at over five acres, but he does everything big.

"During Ivan I had to hide out and instead of just hiding out, I got a tattoo and it hurt."

Wyland's inspiration comes from his extreme love of the ocean and a desire to share that love with everyone.

"Art is a wonderful way to engage people, particularly young people. They get it you know. They see that beauty of nature and they want to protect."

It's not an exact science. Wyland will mix over 10,000 gallons of paint with a Gatorade bottle and he paints with an automotive sprayer.

"I was born in Detroit so I guess it’s a natural."

It sure does work.