Ex-convict Charged in Walton Realtor's Killing

A former state prison inmate is now charged in the killing of a well-known Walton County realtor.

The body of 75-year-old Jackie Malone was found in her home September 15. Officials are now holding ex-convict Jessie Guardado without bond.

Investigators say Malone was stabbed numerous times and had also been beaten with a steel bar. They say robbery was the motive, and that Guardado had been a tenant of the victim.

Records show Guardado was released from prison on parole about two years ago after serving time for robbery in the Orlando area. The same day Malone's body was found, he had been arrested on an unrelated charge of pawning a chain saw he allegedly took from an employer. That charge would likely have sent him back to prison.

Investigators say Guardado has been a suspect in the killing all along. They say other evidence began to mount and he has since confessed to the killing.