Fall Festivals Bring Good Fortune

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Only a week after Ivan ravaged through the Panhandle, a new storm is rumbling through, but rather than scaring everyone away, this storm is attracting thousands to Bay County.

The fall edition of Thunder Beach Rally is in its fourth year, and some local business owners say it's the best yet.

"This is better than the spring. Everyone is ready for a release from all the storm stress, so they're coming to the beach and spending money," says Bob Lesniak, Chicago Dawgs owner.

Lesniak is bringing in 50 percent more profits than usual. He says Ivan may have disrupted Labor Day sales, but Thunder Beach is bringing in more money than any Labor Day holiday.

Another rambunctious crew is invading our area at the annual Seafood and Pirate Festival. This event provides a fun release from all the storm stress and the entire family can join in.

Pirates will be performing stage shows all day and night, but if pirates and bikers are not your bag, may be some fresh lobster will get the job done. Ivan may have postponed the fun at Schooner's Lobsterfest, but restless fun seekers made up for it this weekend.

"We questioned whether we should still have Lobsterfest, but finally came to the conclusion that most people just want to have some kind of release from all that stress," says Dan Plyler, Schooners manager.

Event organizers say other festivals actually helped boost attendance and profits at their own festivals.

All three events will continue until Sunday evening.

Zoo World will also continue Zoobilee. It's a fun and educational day at the zoo for only a dollar.