Old Town, New Look

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Downtown Millville is already showing its improvements, and more is coming to this community that was once the largest town in Bay County in the 1800s.

James O'Shileds is part of the Millville Action Committee and says there is good reason to restore this town.

"We have a lot of history here that's being destroyed and being done away with, and certainly we would like to with the CRA re-establish and protect some of the historic value of our community," says James.

This Tuesday, the Millville CRA board will meet for the first time, trying to detail the focus of the redevelopment based on everyone's ideas. Nancy is the Waterfront Projects coordinator with Panama City and has organized the St. Andrews CRA as well.

She says, "Some of the solutions to fix the issues and the problems for Millville can be different from other CRAs, but the process you follow for each of them, the framework is the same, but the first thing you do is find out what the people want to see happen in the community."

O'Shields says now is the time to get involved.

"We want to have a vision of what we want done in Millville, and whatever we do in the visionary committee is what's going to be done, so we want to make sure everybody is aware and everybody involved in reestablishing the community of Millville."

The charm is here and it's obvious to see the quaint community that was once bustling nearly a century ago, but when it was annexed into Panama City in 1926, much of the activity spread to the neighboring, leaving Millville on its own, something everyone in this town remembers and wants others to appreciate once again.

The first CRA board meeting is this Tuesday at 4:30 at City Hall. Everyone is invited to attend.