Looking Up

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Some people say "condo fever" is inching away from Panama City Beach into Panama City, but right now Panama City Mayor Gerry Clemons says there are very little restrictions as to how developers can use their property.

He has added this topic to Tuesday's City Commission meeting at 5 p.m. at City Hall.

"There is no ordinance that controls height in Panama City now, we have a number of people who've expressed interest in building condos in the downtown Panama City area."

Bringing people to live downtown is vital to any community, a trait the mayor says would benefit Panama City.

"I think the possibility of having more and more people live in the downtown area will help with the character, help develop the character."

Dave Jackson, the director of the Downtown Improvement Board, looks at ways to create an urban setting where people work, play and live. He says it can become a balancing job to control growth and sustain the economy as well.

"You put height restrictions on some of those things, you have to be very careful about that because you may stymie growth and in the long-term you may inhibit some of the programs you want to do later because taxes may not be there."

The challenge is structuring a community that is already showing great improvement and receiving the interest from those who will help create the future for Panama City.

"That's where people have to look at it from the private side and the governmental side, is to be able to have a good plan and put it together, and you can build a nice community with a well thought out plan," says Jackson.