Gas Shortage?

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Some words of advice from local gas station owners are “fill up now.” They are not sure where their next shipment of fuel is coming from or how much it will cost.

The rumor mill began with Frances. Since then two more hurricanes have slammed into the state, fueling the fire when it comes to hearsay about gas shortages in the Panhandle.

You may have to make a few stops before finally being able to fill up your tank.

Steve Daoud has been on a waiting list since Friday to get his store’s tanks filled up. The wait has cost him thousands of dollars.

“The supplies we had barely lasted a few hours. We have been out for the last two days. We just got our shipment an hour ago,” said Daoud.

Still, others say the crunch has not affected them yet and they don’t think it ever will.

“There’s been lots of hardship, as you can expect. They’ll get the gas here. I’m not worried. They want to make money,” said Jerry Baldwin of Panama City Beach.