Lynn Haven Buys Out a Mobile Home Owner to Relocate

Lynn Haven city officials admit they made a mistake when they allowed a mobile home in the middle of a single-family neighborhood at 16th Street and Wisconsin Ave. Now, the city plans to pay the mobile home owner thousands of dollars to leave the community.

City officials not only have to buy the mobile home owner out, they also plan to change a city ordinance allowing a new area within city limits specifically for manufactured homes. Commissioners say it's all in an attempt to keep a mistake like this from happening again.

Commissioner Antonius Barnes it was time to move on.

“I definitely don't want to see this tear our community apart. We're all adults here. We can put this to rest and move on with business of the city."

Commissioner Roger Schaad agreed.

“Mistakes were made. We're better off owning up to it. If it costs you money to resolve it in a peaceful way, then that's the way you go."

Commissioners unanimously agreed to pay $25,000 to the mobile home owner to move her trailer from neighborhood. She was going to sue the city to stay in place.

Since the city lost a similar lawsuit years ago the commission decided to settle out of court. Residents living around 16th and Wisconsin say the trailer shouldn't have been able to move there in the first place.

Helen Steele is one of those who though the city made a mistake.

"I won't do a victory dance on that one. Who applied for the permit? Who applied for the address change? Who does the property belong to? Why wasn't the zoning change posted? Why wasn't there an engineer out here? There's just a lot of why's that we couldn't get answers to."

Lynn Haven city officials say they've learned their lesson, and an amendment to their current city ordinances should help. That proposed change would allow for an additional area specifically zoned for mobile homes.