Helicopter Ambulance Service, a Lifesaver in Jackson County

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People are injured in traffic accidents every day. Hospitals in rural areas often lack the resources to treat high-risk patients.

Now, an air ambulance service from Pensacola has extended its service to Marianna and Jackson County and its saving lives.

With several major highways running through Jackson County, accidents are bound to happen. Interstate 10, U.S. Highway 231 and U.S. Highway 90 are all in areas not previously served by Sacred Heart Hospital’s AirHeart service.

The service has been used in Jackson County since last December and its paying off. Ron Mosley is one of the AirHeart pilots.

“We transport patients to Tallahassee, Panama City, Dothan or anywhere they need to go.”

The AirHeart system in Jackson County is one of two helicopters operated by Sacred Heart. The other air ambulance is stationed at Santa Rosa Beach in south Walton County.

The two choppers fly over one thousand missions a year.