Court Fight Looms Over Planned Annexation of Small Islands

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Panama City has all but sealed the deal on its latest land annexation. This time, a portion of Goose Bayou’s Pine Island will be brought into the city.

The plan is to develop 13 single-family luxury homes on the islands. This plan has many of those who live in the Northshore area upset.

At the end of Kristanna Drive in Northshore is Goose Bayou. What lies behind the shoreline is an untouched chain of marshy pine islands, but they won’t be untouched for long if local real estate developer Fred Webb has his way.

The city voted three to two last Thursday to favor the annexation of the Pine Islands area. Residents there feel the islands hold plenty of history and play an important environmental role for the bayou.

But Webb says he feels environmentally the impacts would be slight.

The annexation isn’t final yet. There’s one more hearing and vote before it’s a done deal.

Those opposed say they plan to go to court in the deal goes through.