Ivan Leaves Lasting Impression on Potential Tourists

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Instead of checking in guests, hotel clerks have been fielding phone calls from apprehensive tourists wondering if they should even make the trip. Hotel rooms are down 25 percent at the Holiday Inn Sunspree compared to this time last year.

Fortunately, those that did decide to make the trip are happy with what they found.

"We had to postpone our trip two weeks; then we were concerned that maybe the beaches would be ruined and the hotels closed, but it's been great weather and everything is open," says Tennessee resident Laurie Pardue.

But while most people were happy with what they found, once they arrived to Panama City Beach tourism officials say people are still apprehensive about up and coming festivals.

Paul Goulding organizes the Indian Summer Festival and says they've only sold a few thousand advance tickets for the Indian Summer Festival, significantly less than last year. Now, the TDC is spending $15,000 on emergency advertisements in neighboring states to remind potential visitors that Panama City Beach is still open for business.