Alligator Eats Dog

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It was a typical, quiet Saturday afternoon when the unusual happened. A six foot alligator jumped out of the water and attempted to swallow a pedigree dog.

Neighbors actually found the dog dead in the lake later that day. Now neighbors say they're worried the alligator could pose a much more deadly danger.

"We live right next to a popular swimming hole for children. I'm worried that the gator is going to eat one of those kids," says Betty Wilson.

Wilson's concerns are warranted. Two people were eaten by alligators this summer alone in Florida. A 19-year-old Georgia woman was killed just last Sunday in Lee County.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officials say there are some steps you can take to stay safe.

"Don't go in the water if you see an alligator. And always watch your kids. It is illegal to feed any alligator. We will arrest you if we find you feeding them," says Stan Kirkland, Fl. Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Kirkland says they're working to find the alligator that killed Nellie's dog.

In the meantime, he reminds swimmers in the area need to be aware and use commonsense.

If you want to report an aggressive alligator you can call the Florida Fish and Wildlife conservation commission at 888-404-3922.