Bodies Found in Wreckage of Missing Florida Panhandle Family's Plane

Authorities say they've found bodies in Mississippi amid the wreckage of a plane that belongs to a Florida Panhandle family that fled Hurricane Ivan.

The coroner in Simpson County, Mississippi, is on the scene trying to determine how many bodies are in the wreckage and to identify them.

A spokesman for the Civil Air Patrol's Mississippi Wing says the tail number of the wrecked plane shows it was registered to Kevin Bomback of Molino. Family members reported Bomback, his wife and
their two children missing about two weeks after Ivan plowed through the Gulf Coast.

The Bombacks' plane took off from Atmore, Alabama, early on the
morning of September 15th. The eye of Ivan struck the coast about
24 hours later, but its winds and rain made landfall much earlier.
The family's home has been empty, and their car remains at the
Atmore airport.