Crane Accident

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Around 4:30 Sunday, something on the crane at the St. Andrews Marina snapped and fell onto the top of the building, injuring two workers. They both walked away from the accident and were taken to the hospital, but later released.

Police officials say the crane broke and toppled on top of the Harbour Village condominium construction site where workers were just finishing. Just a few minutes before the accident, about a dozen workers were on top of the building, but had come down for the day.

Monday, workers were back on the job and business was back to normal except for the crane that still draped across the top of the structure. Michael Waller, the Vice President and division manager with Brice Building Company, says they are working with Landmark General Contractors in an internal investigation of the accident.

Waller says worker's injuries are a priority in an investigation and determining why the accident occurred. This isn't the first accident of its kind; earlier this summer three workers were injured when it bent in half at a south Walton construction site. Construction officials say the crane at the Adagio Condominium project in Blue Mountain Beach was lifting equipment when it collapsed, hitting the elevator shaft and the crane operator's cab, injuring both workers.

And despite both accidents, work does continue for both projects. Representatives with Harbour Village say the opening is still on schedule.