Operation Blue Tarp Comes To Bay County

People who have damage to their roof because of Hurricane Ivan can now get a free heavy-duty tarp. And, they'll install it for you.

FEMA is providing the funds for Operation Blue Roof which is run by the U-S Army Corps of Engineers. Contractors from Texas arrived in Panama City Beach over the weekend and began installing the tarps on damaged homes early almost immediately.

Wade Hicks says the workers will come to your home and install the tarp, free of charge. "Operation Blue Roof is simply a blue tarp that we will install as an emergency repair. It's not a permanent fixture, but we can put up over the home to protect the dwelling from further damage."

To get a blue tarp installed you need to stop by their set-up site at the Citgo Gas station next to the Thomas Drive Fire Station near the Hampton Inn on Panama City Beach.

Its one of several sites already set up in surrounding counties in the wake of Hurricane Ivan. Everyone in the area from Okaloosa County east to Franklin County are in disaster declared areas and can receive this service.

Or you can Call F-E-M-A Operation Blue Tarps at 1-866-551-7222.