Jackson County is About to Put a Major Evacuation Shelter into the Mix

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State engineers visited the new Marianna High School this week, to re-evaluate the school for use as a hurricane shelter.

Right now Jackson County does not an officially certified shelter. The new school isn't finished yet, but when it is, it’s expected to meet 86 percent of the shelter needs for Jackson County's entire population.

That's good news, according to Buddy Dickson who is the head of Facilities for the Jackson County School Board. He's happy considering the state average for shelter capacity is about 58 percent of the local population. "We've done all that we can do, and we are real proud of what we have done. We think that we put Jackson County at least better off than most of the risk shelters for hurricane evacuation."

Gulf County has enough shelter space to house one percent of its population. Calhoun County doesn't have any certified shelters, and neither does Franklin County.

To find out about shelter status in your county log onto www.floridadisaster.com.