Twelve-Member Jury to Hear Bikers' Death case

Bay County Sheriff's investigators are still busy sorting through the evidence from a large drug bust Monday.

On October 28 of last year, 27-year-old Timothy Pilgreen got into a fight with members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club at the Bay County Pier on Front Beach Road.

When the six bikers left the scene, Pilgreen jumped into his pick up truck and followed them east on Front Beach Road.

Panama City Beach Police say he ran over the group, killing two of them - Donald Dunham and Nola Zietler.

The next day, Pilgreen admitted to the crimes in an exclusive interview with NewsChannel Seven from his jail cell.

He's turned down a plea deal which would have given him life in prison.

Testimony is expected to begin Tuesday at the Bay County Court House with a 12-member jury selected Monday.