Medical Void Filled in Marianna

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As awareness of women’s health issues grows, so does the demand for female doctors, especially in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Now, there’s a new doctor in an area small town meeting patients’ needs.

Dr. Vanessa King-Johnson is one of Jackson County’s newest citizens. “This was one area that needed a female presence in the OBGYN specialty.”

She brought her practice to Marianna from Wisconsin not just because she saw the need in Jackson County, but she wanted to help the people from her home state. “I decided being a native of Florida, and my family being down here, I just decided to come home.”

Prior to Dr. King-Johnson opening her office in Marianna there were only two OBGYNs in Jackson County. Currently she is the only woman.

She has practiced medicine since 1991 in different parts of the country from Atlanta to Wisconsin. Medical assistant Rebekah Bokes thinks it’s working well. “I think it’s an advantage specialty for a woman doctor, and so far everyone has been pleased.”

Dr. King-Johnson specializes in a variety of areas ranging from high-risk pregnancies to menopause.

She admits she has lost count of all the babies she’s delivered since she graduated from college and went into private practice.