Hurricane Make-Up Days

Students and teachers in Bay County who missed school due to recent hurricanes will not have to make up any of those days, but the FCAT is still on schedule.

Every school district around the state of Florida has missed time due to one or more of the four hurricanes this year. Some counties, like Charlotte County, missed a month of school.

Others, like Bay County, missed only a few days. One day was missed for Bonnie and four days were missed because of Ivan, but students in Panama City/Bay County won't have to make up any of the missed days.

Due to the way the school day is set up here, students actually go to class an extra hour everyday. That means they go to class an extra 180 hours every year. Bay County school leaders are using 30 of the extra hours to cover the five days missed due to hurricanes.

Some counties have to cut holiday time to make up the hurricane days, but local school Superintendent James McCalister says that won’t be necessary here.

"There's no time that we'll miss in the Christmas holidays and there are not going to be any days added on at the end of the school year."

Superintendent McCalister says students will still have to take the writing part of the FCAT at the normal time in February. The reading, science and math sections may be delayed, but McCalister says he’s still waiting to hear back from the state on that issue.