On Trial

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Timmy Pilgreen is on trial for two counts of first-degree murder, three counts of attempted murder and several other charges relating to battery on a law enforcement officers.

Wednesday, the prosecution used photos and video to show the gruesome details of the crash that killed Donald Dunham and Nola Zeitler almost one year ago.

Michelle McDonald, a crime scene technician with the Panama City Beach Police Department, described what she saw as she photographed the scene.

"A lot of debris, it expanded for quite a while, maybe a 100 feet, I'm not even sure of the exact distance. Three motorcycles were down and there was a lot of activity on the scene."

Several of the bikers involved who are members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Michigan sat quietly in the courtroom as each photo showed more and more detail.

Kim Galaviz joined the audience Wednesday, but testified earlier saying he'd never forget that day.

"As soon as he opens his car door, his truck door, first thing I notice was him and the same dude that was at the pier who got into that truck. Same dude I seen on my rearview mirror off my bike and his truck's parked behind me and a fifth of vodka falls over. I remember that real well."

The prosecution expects to wrap up its case and both sides are prepared to deliver closing statements Thursday morning.