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There are only about four weeks left to the general election in November and many races are heating up. The candidates for superintendent are both using statistics from the last four years to show why you should elect them, but the two are looking at the stats in very different ways.

Bay Countians awoke to a very pointed ad in Thursday morning's News Herald. School superintendent candidate Jim Barr says last year's school grades tell a sad story of mismanagement at the district level. In fact, 18 schools did fall and four of those dropped two grades.

Current Superintendent James McCalister says he's been in office for four years and that's the record voters need to focus on.

"It's disappointing, the 18 schools that dropped back, but you need to look at where we were when I started and where we are now, that's significant," he says.

When McCalister was elected in 2000 no Bay County schools were rated As. Last year there were 12 A schools and McCalister says that will only go up under his plan.

Barr says McCalister's plan has faltered and it's time for a change

You can find out more about each of the candidates at their websites: Jimbarr.org and jamesmccalister.com.

Voters will decide who is they believe is the best man for the job on November 2.