Pilgreen Jury Recommendation

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It took less than two minutes for the jury to decide Pilgreen's fate. It's life in prison without parole for the 26-year-old.

Thursday jurors found Pilgreen guilty on two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of Nola Zeitler and Donald Dunham. The two were members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. Pilgreen admitted to running down the bikers with his truck in October of last year.

But Friday the jury heard a different story of Pilgreen's life, the troubled childhood that led him to a life behind bars. Pilgreen's social worker, Nancy Watson, told the jury about the young man's past.

"Tim's father tried to raise him but he had limited parenting skills. Plus, almost the entire family tree has problems with mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, and criminal histories."

While Pilgreen remained emotionless through much of the trial, he broke down when his wife testified. Chalin Pilgreen recounted the time leading up to her husband coming to Panama City.

"The last six or eight months before he was getting more and more paranoid and angry about everything."

Now that the jury has given its recommendation Tim Pilgreen has to be sentenced. He will be back in front of Judge Don Sirmons October 13 for official sentencing. Pilgreen will also be sentenced on the four counts of attempted murder.