Tyndall Personnel Continue to Help in Iraq

Two Tyndall Air Force Base civil engineers have returned home from Iraq.

Iraq’s interior minister was able to use the firefighting expertise of Chief Master Sgt. Joe Rivera.

Rivera helped to start work on building 27 new Iraqi fire stations, refurbishing another 83 stations and helped work on the planning for a new fire academy.

Lt. Col. Harold Keck is a knowledge management specialist who was assigned to the Coalition Government Headquarters in south central Iraq.

Keck witnessed the progress being made in women’s rights since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Keck said the thing he missed most in Iraq was not being able to relax because of security concerns. However, he and Rivera came home impressed with what the saw from the Iraqi people, the will and determination to succeed.

During their 120-day Iraqi tour of duty, the two were assigned to the coalition government head up by Paul Brimmer.