Indian Summer Festival

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Earlier this year, employees at the Tourist Development Council fought the board of directors to keep the Indian Summer Festival in their control for at least one more year.

Paul Goulding, the special events coordinator with the TDC, assured everyone this year would not be the bust it was last year. Goulding said a budget cut of about $160,000, and higher ticket prices should offset poor turnout because of rain similar to last year.

Bob Warren, the executive director of the TDC says without the help of volunteers this event would not be possible.

"This type of an event, if you do not have volunteer organizations that are here to support you, you simply cannot put it on and we've been so fortunate to have such a wonderful group."

The Miracle Strip Junior Women's Club is just one of many volunteer organizations making sure everything goes smooth.

Tia Griffin is the president of the club, and she says it's always fun to help out.

"We have a great time. We mingle with all the folks coming and going. We handle a majority of the money sales out here selling drink tickets; it's just a good time. We do different fundraisers all year long. We have different dances for the senior citizens; this is a big fundraiser for us. We provide children and underprivileged children in Bay County with eyeglasses."

Warren says the groups are too numerous to name, but their faces are a welcome sight.

"We have Nextel out here, they've provided just a ton of volunteers, in addition, the Rutherford Football team, Arnold High School band boosters, it goes on and on."