Getting Ready for Election Day

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The 2004 General Election could go down as one of the closest presidential elections in history. That's why all across the state, supervisors of elections like Mark Andersen are getting ready for high voter turnout.

"Our precincts are setup in such a way that we can handle all the voters, provided they don't all show up at 7 p.m. No precinct has more than 3,000 voters," said Bay County Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen.

For the last week, poll workers in Bay County have been undergoing training in an effort to make sure things go smoothly in three weeks.

"We talk about how we're all going to do things the same way so the voter and everyone in Bay County has confidence in what we're doing."

Although record voter turnout is being predicted, early voting in Florida should help reduce lines on November 2.

"As far as numbers go, I'm saying as much as 20 percent of our population, close to 20,000 people will have voted before Election Day."

Early voting starts next Monday, October 18. To vote early, go to your local supervisor of elections office. Early voting runs until the day before the election. On Election Day, if you need to vote you have to do so at your particular precinct.