Gen. Wesley Clark in Panama City

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After 38 years of public service in the U.S. Army, Gen. Wesley Clark is continuing his public work campaigning for the Democratic Party.

Clark says a new national strategy is necessary to combat the unique stress in the U.S. created by national security problems and the need for better paying jobs.

"The problem we have now, we don't have a good strategy. We went in to Iraq when we shouldn't have, didn't need to. We're over there now with 140,000 troops. We let Osama Bin Laden get away in Afghanistan."

National security and terrorism has become standard in campaigns from the presidential to state races. While a serious subject, Clark says talking about terrorism and dealing with it are completely different.

"The truth is Americans don't like to be frightened. Americans like to fix problems. We need leaders in Washington who are honest about the problems and come up with solutions. We've got a lot of challenges around the world. We need a strategy, we need good leaders and I think the American people recognize it and that's why these campaigns are focused on it."

And when asked about his own presidential aspirations, Clark says he will continue his effort to elect two Democrats he once ran against for the same job.