Indian Summer Festival

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It's cleanup day for the 24th Annual Indian Summer Festival, and for the fourth year in a row, poor weather scared some people away.

The rain stopped for country headliner Gretchen Wilson to take the stage during the last night of the festival. Despite the constant rain on Sunday afternoon, the crowd still packed the audience.

The threat of wet weather for the first two days did keep the numbers low and could again affect the festival's future.

Bob Warren, the executive director of the TDC, says you can control a lot of factors, but not the weather.

"We have scheduled to have rain insurance for a period of four to eight yesterday. We had a little over a one-fourth of an inch of rain and our rain insurance was set for a one-eight of an inch of rain, so we should be in pretty good shape on that.”

The TDC staff will present detailed information about the festival to the board of directors at the next meeting.