Dead Boat Auction

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Terri Booth came to the Destin boat junkyard looking for a fixer upper. Instead, she began looking for a tissue.

"When I see something like this, I'm sad. It just breaks my heart to think that someone loved, and now just a fraction of a 24-hour period it’s gone."

In the next two weeks, Boat-Us will tow almost 70 damaged boats to the Lucky Snapper parking lot in Destin. Hurricane Ivan left his mark on all of these boats ranging from smalls holes and cracks to bigger holes and cracks.

On September 23, the boats will be available for public inspection and soon after, an Internet auction will be held. Auction officials expect most buyers will in turn sell the boats as scrap.

"If you've got a boat that's 14-20 years old, you can't buy parts for it anywhere. You have to go to a salvage, much like a junkyard for a car, you go to a salvage company to buy these parts and so these salvage buyers buy these boats."

The majority of these boats will never sail again, but you might find something worthwhile like an engine or something, but as Terri found out, you might not want to get your hopes up too much.

"You take a look at it and say it’s not too bad but then you go around and just say wow, we may end up just buying a new one."

Auction officials say while this scratch and dent sale may not be for everyone, a little imagination could go a long way. National Liquidators estimates that almost 7,000 boats in Florida have been damaged due to Hurricane Ivan.

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