Marianna Man Gets a $10,000 Donation

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Nobody will soon forget the night of September 15, the night of Hurricane Ivan, the night that 28 twisters ripped though the Florida Panhandle.

James Abney, a resident of Marianna, became victim to one of those twisters and as he tells it, he thought for sure he wasn't going to make it.

He did survive that night to tell the story, and the only other object in his house that was still intact surprisingly was this faucet.

Delta faucet company saw the this ironic photo and decided they needed to help James out, in the form of $10,000. The money he says will be going towards the down payment of his new future home, this time made of brick in Alabama.

James Abney is a survivor of cancer, a divorce and a tornado all in the last few years, and along with that, a newfound appreciation for life.