Students Serious About Politics

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Tuesday morning, candidates had to answer up to the issues most important to the students at the Shaw Adult Center. First off, they want better paying jobs available to them when they graduate.

Cornel Brock, District 3 County Commission candidate, says the commission needs to ensure opportunities are available for graduates to stay in the community.

"We all want to grow and do better. Poverty and better paying jobs are an interesting scenario in a community, but they really start with better paying jobs."

Henry Lawrence, also running for the District 3 seat, says better jobs also require basic resources for industries to bring their business here.

"We need to improve the quality of our schools because a lot of people, that's what they look at. They're bringing families here, they're bringing children here. We want to make sure when they go to school, they're getting a good quality education."

Bill Dozier is another candidate for the seat and he says incentives are needed to recruit industry.

"I believe that as far as giving them a tax break, first 10 years I would support that because we have to put pieces of the puzzle in place that will attract that industry."

Many of the students are too young to vote, but want to be involved in the community. They've seen the TV campaign commercials, but listening to a real person is more influential.

Seventeen-year-old Sarah Benaga says she won't vote this year, but that doesn't mean she isn't listening.

"Some of these things that go on is affecting the way people live and what's going on in their lives. They don't know about it unless they attend events like this, then they'll really understand what's really going on."

Cortney Washington is also too young to vote, but he says his opinion still counts and can affect elections.

"There's something about having them up close and personal and having them towards your face and asking questions. Saying is one thing and doing is another."

Tuesday's forum gave both students and candidates a chance to say one thing and expect results in return.