Jim Barr Pyramid Scheme

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Alleged involvement in a pyramid scheme is plaguing one candidate for school.

Jim Barr says 14 years ago he never thought helping out some friends would end up like it did; $50,000 out of his pocket to solve a complaint he says he wasn't even a part of.

Insider Magazine unearthed court documents from Birmingham, Alabama. The documents show Jim Barr charged with three counts of theft in 1993. The charges stem from three complaints filed against a company called Sell America.

In 1990 Barr signed on as the company's president, a job he says he didn't keep long.

"They wanted to profile people. I stayed two maybe three months and I never had anything to do with operations. My only duty was to show up for a few meetings."

He says two-years later he got a call about the troubles.

"They changed the marketing strategy after I left and some people filed complaints that they had lost money."

The pyramid scheme cost thousands of people upwards of $4 million, but Barr says he wasn't a part of that. He says when he heard about the scandal his first thought was how he could help those who lost so much.

"No one asked me to give the money I just wanted to make things right, I wanted to do the honorable thing and I never profited a dime from that venture."

Barr says he was named in the complaints thanks to a paper mistake. He says when Sell America became incorporated he was the president and his name remained connected to the company even after his resignation just a few months later.

Barr says even though the problems did not happen on his watch he hoped to clear the record forever by paying $50,000 to the three families who filed the complaint.