Down with Meth

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Bobby Johnson and his wife Beverly bought a home in Freeport several months ago with hopes of renting it out. They evacuated during Hurricane Ivan, but when they came back to check on the house, instead of storm damage they found something else.

Bobby Johnson says, "Someone had broken into our house and decided to build a meth lab."

Johnson says it would cost more than $9,000 to fully clean the house and get rid of the chemical smell, so he's decided to tear it down.

Beverly Johnson adds, "I'm really happy for the neighborhood. If you look around, and it’s a nice neighborhood and they really don't deserve a methamphetamine lab next to them, but it’s also sad that you have to do something so drastic.”

The house is not a total loss, much of the metal will be reused in other projects and the appliances will be donated to needy families. Bobby Johnson hopes tearing down the house will send a clear message to meth users.

“We're having to tear a house down because the stuff was cooked inside this house. I can just imagine what it's doing to their body."

The Johnson’s still don't know what they will do with the property, but now they don't have to worry about someone breaking in.

Walton County deputies still have not found who broke into the Johnson's rental home and started a meth lab.