Voter Fraud

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Bay County Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen was suspicious of a stack of new voter registrations that came in earlier this week from the state. For one, the more than 100 documents were all obviously filled out by the same person and all for the same party, but that wasn't the big tip-off.

Andersen says, "The big flag was my son's name in there. He had an address change to another address that wasn't correct. His signature was forged and was almost identical to his signature. They also had the last four digits of his social security number on there."

All of the questionable registrations were for college age kids, many of them first time voters. The forms may change a person's party or address.

Andersen says, "In my son's case the address change moved his precinct."

He says the voter registration forms came at the last minute from the State Department of Elections. He says counties all over the state received similar deadline deliveries, but without a specific complaint from each of these people the forms have to be treated as valid, and new voter cards will be issued possibly to the wrong address. This could make it hard for those affected to vote on November 2, meaning potentially another election debacle in Florida this year.

Andersen says the best way to find out if you're affected is to vote early. If you do run into a problem on Election Day you can fill out a provisional ballot which can be double checked and counted later.