Local Church Remembers Family Killed During Hurricane Ivan

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They may have lived and worked in Pensacola, but the Bomback family practiced their spirituality in Bay County. Members of Springfield United Methodist Church are now trying to cope with the loss of some of their own.

They were evacuating, like most other families in the Panhandle, but instead of running away from danger, the Bomback family ran into it. The Cessna twin engine plane they evacuated in was found destroyed in a wooded-area in central Mississippi, three weeks after they were reported missing.

“We were hoping for the best, but we knew after weeks of being missing the news wouldn't be good,” said Anne Dalton of Springfield United Methodist Church.

Dalton and her husband led a church in Pensacola, where the Bomback's attended when the Dalton's decided to move to Springfield and open a Methodist church the Bomback’s followed. The family would commute every other weekend to join in on the services.

Seventeen-year-old Alicia Bomback even went on a missionary trip abroad with members of the congregation.

"The family was an inspiration to all of us. They really lifted us up and we'll never forget them," said Hannah May of Springfield United Methodist Church.

Springfield United Methodist is having a memorial service for the Bomback family Saturday at 2 p.m.