10th Annual Breast Cancer Symposium in Marianna

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Marianna- Thursday, the American Cancer Society sponsored the 10th Annual Breast Cancer Symposium in Marianna.

More than 400 attendees- men, women and cancer survivors- adorned themselves in a sea of pink, to raise awareness for the cause. The event had significant meaning for one cancer survivor, Jeanine Meese.

"They gave out beads of hope last year- the beads of hope key chains, which show all of the different size lumps that you can find and what they look like,” Meese explained. Two months later I was in the shower and low and behold, I found something that felt just like a bead of hope. It turns out, it [breast cancer]. And so luckily, early detection- if I had not come to this, I would not have known."

Meese said she was dedicated to advocating the message that people perform self-breast exams regularly and got routine mammograms.

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