Growing Glenwood Ditch Destroys Property

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Some Glenwood residents want the city to take responsibility for a growing ditch that's destroying their property.

When Henry Faison moved to the community off of Lincoln Drive he could jump across the ditch. Over the years it has grown from three feet to 35 feet and washed away a large portion of Fayson's backyard as well as 10 of his neighbors' yards.

Panama City officials says it will now cost an estimated $1.2 million to pipe the ditch. Fayson says it could have cost much less had they listened to him years ago.

"If they would have fixed it years ago they would have to pay millions of dollars to fix it. I'm not an expert, but I know that a little problem costs a lot less, and the longer you let it go, the bigger it gets," says Henry Faison.

City staff says piping the Glenwood ditch should be a high priority and they plan to submit a cost analysis to commissioners at their next meeting.